Monday, May 23, 2016

National Marshmallow Toasting Day is August 30, 2016

You may prefer a lightly toasted mallow, or a full-on-fire mallow; a generic store-bought mallow or a gourmet flavored mallow; a steel skewer or one you've cut from a tree branch. It doesn't matter how you roast the mallow, only that you roast it and celebrate it. Here at the National Marshmallow Roasters Institute, we have our recommended ways of roasting and the desired general outcomes. But we still like to teach people to roast however they prefer. For example, there are different techniques if you prefer metal skewers or the recommended SmorStix skewers - We teach both methods. There are different techniques for roasting gourmet marshmallows vs. the recommended Campfire marshmallows. We teach both. There are different concerns for safety in backyard firepits vs beach bonfires. We teach both.

I find it fascinating that from Juneau to Miami and from Bangor to San Diego, there is the opportunity and fun for all Americans to roast marshmallows and make s'mores. Is there any food as ubiquitously American as roasted marshmallows? Fluffernutter sandwiches from Massachusetts? No. Grits from south of the Mason-Dixon? No. Maybe, though, perhaps a slice of apple pie, or hotdogs roasted over the same fire as our marshmallows. 

It doesn't matter if you are voting for Donald or Hillary. We all put our marshmallows on the skewers one mallow at a time. We all can find common ground from the Flag to the s'more. So, on August 30, instead of sending out that firey tweet, or adding your snarky facebook comment, let's celebrate National Marshmallow Toasting Day with people with whom we seemingly have little in common. Just getting to know, or getting reacquainted with others will show you just how much we have in common.

Roast in Peace

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