Sunday, May 31, 2015

Drought Tolerant Landscape 5/31/2015

We're just about finished with the landscaping of the front yard. Just need some instruction on water times for the new plants. And a few more days of letting the crushed granite walkway harden. See the previous blogs for earlier pictures. Below are some pictures taken mostly at dusk. I'll take some more full sun photos soon.

Looking forward to some rain next year to see some water flowing in the dry creek bed.

Grasses falling on the sidewalk were already there before landscaping. The white box in-ground is where our new water meter is installed. For years we have not been metered.

New plants are small now, but should fill out the landscape nicely as they mature. That's a Pistache tree that turns beautiful orange\red in Fall\Winter.

Sour gum tree turns bright red in Fall\Winter. 

Don't know if we'll keep the bench or put it back on the porch.