Sunday, May 24, 2015

Drought Tolerant Landscape 5/24/15 Update

Continuing from my previous blog entry.
We're 2 days into the landscaping. On Thursday, 5/21, they tore out the lawn, trimmed the trees, and turned the soil. On Friday, 5/22, they started the design for the crushed granite walkway, dry stream bed and mounded areas.

The walkway is laid in. It is crushed granite. We may have the landscaper set some stepping stones in this because we are concerned that we could track the granite into our house. Not good on the wood floors, maybe.

Above, is shown the start of the dry creek bed coming off of the downspout. I believe the landscaper will be putting in the river rock this week to complete this. It will be dry most of the year and will have water in the creek bed when, or if, it rains again here. 

So far, just dirt, crushed granite walkway, and dry creek bed. Every day after work, I'll take more pictures. The photos above are just a sampling of the progress made. All of the photos I've taken from killing the grass to present are at the public link below in my Picasa album.