Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sunday Morning

Sunday mornings are a good time to head out to Fair Oaks Village to play my guitar in the park, get a muffin and coffee at the Coffee House and then take my bilke out on the American River bike trail.
   Good reliable Wifi and a nice selection of coffee and breakfast items at the Coffee House

My bike ride on the trail was my first since fracturing my ankle last November. On crutches and non-weight-bearing for 6 weeks. I am commuting to work and getting back to normal finally.

My bike is about 5 years old, a Trek 7.3, and is perfect for my 17 mile round-trip commute to work. It is not the best bike for the bike trail, but it meets my needs. I may look into a second bike for riding fast on the trail some day. 
   My trek is good for commuting and exercise on the trail

On the trail, with this great weather we are having, there are cyclists of all sorts and walkers & joggers all sharing the road.
    Bikes of all sorts share the trail

The trail goes about 26 miles, give or take, from Old Sacramento to Folsom. Pick a section and just get out there. You can't beat the views!
    I stopped to take a photo of the river flowing along the trail

Around every corner is a different view of the river or wildlife. Deer, turkeys, coyotes hiding in the grass and water fowl of all kinds.
   Tom, here, was just waiting for his harem to show up

   Take a ride, walk or run on rhe American River bike trail with everyone else

There are parks and benches all along the trail - picnic tables and barbecues, too. Yesterday at one of the parks, I sat at a table with my guitar and music stand practicing old and new songs. I had one person ask to sit and listen, then ask for my card (which I don't have). And another person who wanted to know what band I was in so she could look us up. Rusty Volume, is available for parties, special events, or I can provide nice mellow soft rock, acoustic guitar and singing, I told her. Guess I'll have to make up some cards and clean up the band website.

This is just another practice blog. I'm hoping to get up to Lake Tahoe in the near future (1.5 hours from Sacramento) for another blog entry. I missed out on skiing there this year because of my fractured ankle, but with the historical drought in full progress, and a dismal snowpack, I think not getting a season pass this year was a wise decision.

Check out some of my previous blogs listed to the side or below, of Paris, Sacramento, San Francisco, and Folsom. Doing this using my iPhone for photos and iPad mini for blog entries. All I need is a cafe or ferry with Wifi. 

Thanks for reading!