Sunday, March 16, 2014

American River Fishing and Biking

I took a walk along the American River this morming, just down from the Sunrise bridge. The first sign I noticed as I drove in was for the ban on fishing on the river. 

The ban is apparently unenforced and does not apply to everyone. The reason for the ban is to protect the salmon and steelhead in the river, and their redds, that are already stressed due to California's ongoing drought. I was about halfway between Nimbus dam and Ancil Hoffman park where I observed  two fully decked-out fly fishermen getting ready to stress the fish some more. I know, I know, these were only two fishermen. But, I bet it pisses off the fishermen who are home on this beautiful Sunday morning because they follow the rules.
Above, is one of the fishermen I saw in the parking lot, who was in the water by the time I got back from my walk. And, no, I don't think catch-and-release stresses the fish any less.

While on my walk, I noticed something that I had not in previous walks and rides on the American River Bike Trail. A public bike repair station.
At this station, just off the bike trail, you can mount your bike, and use the tools to fix a flat or even more problems. There is a QRC code to scan to get bike repair instructions, as well.
Sponsored by the Sacramento Bicycle Kitchen ( I'll research where these stations are around town. I just happened to notice this one. Great idea and I hope they are not vandalized too often. I'll check back on this one in the next few weeks to see if it is still functional and update you on other locatons.

I just researched where these came from. There are three installed along the bike trail and were the project of an Eagle Scout, Scott McCuen. Read about Scott and his project here.
If you are in Sacramento or Folsom, or anywhere in between, take advantage of a ride, walk, run or rafting/kayaking along or on the American River to experience one of the best free pleasures in our region.

In about 8 weeks, I'll  be leaving for Paris where I'll post blogs of my daily experiences. This blog today is just another practice run for that trip. After my walk, I stopped at Panera Bread to write and upload this blog. The WIFI is fairly fast at Panera, and the coffee and tea selection is very nice. I sometimes buy a pastry and I get out of there for around $5.00. Today, I incorporated the photos I took, just as I will in France. When I have a lot of photos, I'll post those and share the link to my Picasa photo album for that day. 

Leave a comment below, or just say hello. And suggest any place you'd like me to blog about in the Sacramento area. (And people say I have too much time on my hands!)