Saturday, February 22, 2014

Northstar-at-Tahoe ski day

I waited in line at the lift for it to open. I wanted to be one of the first ones on the slopes. I expected it to be a short day because of the lack of snow and the forecasted temperature in the mid 40's in the afternoon. I started on the front side on Axe Handle and then Luggi.

My friends texted me that they were at Lookout Mountain, so I headed over there. I decided to take the tow rope up, not trusting that the Lookout bypass was open, though there were no signs. Good thing too. My friends had tried to take the bypass, but had to go back down and come back up to take the tow rope.

The first and only run open at Lookout Mountain was Washoe. Here is a photo of why most of the runs at Lookout were closed.
  View from lift: This is usually the finish of several runs down to the Lookout lift

   Looking down Axe Handle, I was one of the first down the groomed slope.

In the photo above, notice the lack of snow on the peaks in the distance. This is why we are so concerned about the drought in California. The snowpack is our reservoir of summer and fall water typically. We could really use a March miracle.

  Here's my favorite view of Lake Tahoe at Northstar. 

We skiied down this way a couple times and ended the day going through the snow park. If we get some good snow, I'll be making the easy drive from Sacramento more often. When there's snow, Tahoe is a great place to play.

   End the day listening to live music on the stage at the skating rink in the village.

We ate at Mikuni (sushi) before heading home.

Here's a link to the rest of my Northstar photos. I'll add comments to them soon.