Saturday, February 1, 2014

Museum Day (Free) Sacramento

Today (February 1) was Sacramento's free Museum Day. I took advantage of it and visited five museums in downtown Sacramento. 

My brochure, map and pamphlets for Museum Day. 

I started my day by walking to the bus stop and took bus 1 from Greenback and Bremen to the I-80 light rail station. I took the blue line light rail train downtown to K street mall near the capital where I began my museum exploration at the California State Capitol museum. I continued to the California museum, Leland Stanford Mansion, Crocker Art Museum and finished up at the California Railroad Museum. 

Jerry Brown's official portrait from his first time as Governor.

That portrait, and the paintings of all the governors hang on the walls of the capitol building. I love going up stairs to see that one of Jerry Brown. I wonder if he'll have another one painted after his current time as governor is over.

I went to the California Museum right down the street from the Capitol, but did not spend too much time in there. The Governor Leland Stanford museum was nice, and I was on the second floor when I had to leave to take a phone call from work. So I sat in the gardens and was able to help update our web page from my cell phone. Yea! I did not have to go into work to do it. So I continued on to the Crocker Art museum.

African art, and contemporary art, are on display throughout the Crocker Art museum.

I could spend a lot more time at the Crocker. The paintings and ceramics, as well as the African art are all beautiful.  

What's nice is all the museums I went to are within walking distance for healthy adults and children. Ending up in Old Sacramento at the California State Railroad Museum is a great way to end your tour of downtown Sacramento. If you are thirsty and hungry, there are many places to eat right around the corner or just down the street. 

 The railroad museum is a great place to take your kids in Old Sac.

I've again posted all the photos I took today to a Picasa album. Just click the link below, or copy and paste into your browser address window, to go the the photos.

If you are going to be in Sacramento, if I am available, I'd love to go do the touristy stuff downtown. There is so much more to see than what I've posted here. The open mic's and bands in the bars around town are fun to go to as well. But do put Museum day on your calendar for next year.