Saturday, January 25, 2014

Historic Folsom

This morning, I planned to walk in Old Folsom and to the old Folsom Powerhouse right on Riley street. I've posted all 60 photos from my walk today on Picasa. Copy and paste this link into your browser if it does not take you there when you click it:

   I posted picures of the state park area of the powerhouse, incuding Native American grinding rocks down by the lake

It is a beautiful morning. The bike riders, walkers and runners are all enjoying the walking and bike trail, There is a fun run starting in town today, as well. I began by walking through the Saturday morning farmer's market. 
    Get your organic fruit an vegetables right here at the beginning or end of your walk.

As I was leaving the market, I noticed a crew of hard working men breaking up the ice in the skating rink. Lots of people enjoyed this while it lasted. It was scheduled to go until January 20th and was unaffected by the unusually warm weather.

i finished my walk at Sutter Grill, which has very fast free Wifi for uploading photos and blogging and really nice pancakes. Recommended!

Had hot tea and a short stack while uploading the photos and finishing up this blog.

One thing I'd like to do is ride the light rail train from Folsom to Sacramento, and blog about it. Maybe next Saturday I will. Here's the Gold line light rail train just pulling out of the Folsom station at the beginning of my walk

Enjoy the photos in the link above. It took me from 10:20 am to 11:10 am to upload the photos and publish this blog entry. Hope it goes as smoothly in Paris in May. I will have Wifi in my apartment so I'll add more text about my experiences each day than I have here. For now, this practicing is encouraging.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Fair Oaks, CA 1-20-2014 Village, Bluffs and American River

A walk today in Fair Oaks Village. I also walked up on the bluffs before heading down the river.
    A nice place to walk and get coffee and free wifi

I went to the coffee shop in the village after taking pictures. Uploaded 22 to Picasa and incorporated a few here in the blog. A link to all the photos is at the end of this blog entry.

    Couldn't have photos of Fair Oaks Village without one of the resident Roosters\chickens

Chickens and roosters are protected here, and they are everywhere. (Careful where you step!)
    Path to the Fair Oaks Bluff is right before the bridge at Bridge Street

This is a very easy walk to the bluff, and then come back down to cross the bridge and walk along the river trails or American River bike trail.

    Looking down onto the river and "red bridge" in Fair Oaks.

    A well used trail from Old Sacramento to Folsom - American River Bike Trail

I've posted more photos taken just this morning of the village, the river, and people along the way.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sacramento Capital Grounds and Old Sac 1-19-14

I'm taking advantage of this most excellent weather by visiting the downtown area of Sacramento. A lazy Sunday morning indeed. The Capital was beautiful and the grounds and monuments are always a peaceful place, even when there are protesters and events.

    West (Front) side of the Capital

There were more joggers and dog walkers downtown this morning than there were tourists. I stopped into the Steamers coffee shop in Old Sac and had a soy latte and blueberry scone. Very few people and perfect weather, though as we all know, perfect weather these days should really include some rain.

     L Street bridge into West Sacramento over the Sacramento River from Old Sac

Here's link to the photos I took this morning: