Tuesday, August 13, 2013

After the Rain?

After the rain, the shining streets present a canvas of light and shadow
Amid the fray, she cannot help but smile at the beauty
The scent of wet pavement, oily streets, brushes her nose
Embracing this familiar measure of the worth of her while

Like that day, long ago, when as a child from school
Walking the streets alone – she stopped, startled by the silent scent
Of wet pavement, oily streets, in green light and blue shadow
After the rain – that first glimpse of the worth of her while

But dawn must gray the day
And she lingers, not wanting to make her way
Into the city to prove her worth, while
She ponders – was it only a dream, after the rain?

    After the Rain - Acrylic on canvas - Nancy Roycroft
    Poem by Jerry Grinstead