Saturday, April 16, 2011

American Idol, 4/13 & 4/14 2011

There can only be two possible reasons for the reaction of the judges to Paul's leaving us last week. Either the judges were told by the producers to tone down the weeping and gnashing of teeth that they displayed the week before when Pia left us. Or, they simply agreed with the decision of the voters. J. Lo practically begged America to please, PLEASE, don't get rid of another girl. That was a sorry sight from her Wednesday night.

I tend to agree with the voters that Paul was one of the bottom three. His leaving was not unexpected, though I know many of us feel there may be weaker contestants. I'm thinking Jacob Lusk and Stefano Langone in particular. They are due to be relieved of duty in the next two weeks.

And so, with seven contestants remaining, it's time I made my predictions for the winners and losers - in order. Here goes, from worst (7) to first (1) ... based on performance and my impression of the fickleness of the voters.

7. Jacob Lusk (buh-bye)
6. Stefano Langone
5. Haley Reinhardt
4. Casey Abrams
3. James Durbin
2. Lauren Alaina
1. Scotty McCreery

Not the order I would put them in (I'd have Haley winning the whole thing). But, I think I've called how America is going to vote. It's a country year for sure, for sure, good buddy. A woman will not be able to win it this year. And James & Casey are a couple of deviations outside the bell curve to survive to the final night. The good ol' boys & girls sorely enjoy a right good duet. And Lauren & Scotty don't disappoint. Scotty will, of course, win over Lauren because more girls are voting for boys than there are boys voting for girls.

What do you think of my order above? Am I a marshmallow short of a s'more? Am I full of doo doo? Go ahead and tell me I'm wrong and show us your list. I can take it, but will the rest of the blog readers agree with me or you?

Just leave your comment below anonymously and Roast in Peace!