Thursday, January 20, 2011

American Idol, Thursday 1/20/2011

Tonight's American Idol was twice as good as last night's because it was half as long - just one short hour. Did you notice how they did a montage of the lame, untalented contestants? And they gave the good and not-totally-lame contestants the bulk of the time. Hallelujah for small favors to the audience. So far, so good.

Steven Bleeping Tyler was not as obnoxious as last night. Still, it's hard to get over a 62 year old man trying to act like a 22 year old. It's heck to get old. Randy was getting all Simon there for a while. He told one singer "That was terrible". Is he the bad guy this season? Jennifer was better. Not so worried about saying "No" to the bad singers.

I don't like the 15 year olds in the competition. I believe American Idol should only allow 18 and over to compete. But that's just my opinion. 15, 16 and 17 year olds are in just too much of a hurry to become ... something. Like all other teenagers in this information age, they need everything now. And American Idol is willing to give it to them. But they lack that certain, je ne sais quoi? Gravitas? Experience? Maturity? ... Yes, all of the above.

Did we see the next American Idol from Nawlins tonight? Maybe. Let's hope there is someone who'll blow us away with their talent in Los Angeles. I liked the black guy from Baton Rouge who teaches piano and voice. I liked the last girl, also, who had the special needs child. Both sang well and could move on. There are many we did not see tonight and last night who made it through. I expect Hollywood will be very good.

Stay tuned for next week's competition.

Prediction: The Green Bay Packers will play the New York Jets in the Superbowl. Brett Favre will perform the ceremonial coin toss for his old teams. Let's all petition for that!


American Idol, Wednesday 1/19/2011

We learned one thing last night on the first episode of American Idol. Steven Bleeping Tyler is not someone we want to invite to our next marshmallow roast with friends and family. Could he be more inappropriate? Mr. Mallow thinks not! The things he wants to do with ducks and his opinions on the skirt length of sixteen-year-old girls are best left to discussions among inmates at the county jail, not on the supposedly family-oriented American Idol show.

Comparing this first show to previous years' first shows, I was pleasantly surprised to see that they kept the lame, no-talent acts to a token minimum and focused on people who could sing, or at least were not totally without talent. Sure, they had to throw in the one or two contestants who were obviously going to get the boot, but I did not have to fast-forward through my DVR recording of the show as much as in years past.

I don't look forward to the cliches and stereotypes from N'awlins. But, could they be any worse than those we heard from the crowd in Joisey? Fuhgeddaboudit! I got ya stereotype right hee-ah.

Bottom line:
Did we see the next American Idol the first night? No. Were there too many sixteen and seventeen-year-old contestants? Yes. Is Steven Bleeping Tyler a dirty old man with a potty mouth? Obviously.

Steven Bleeping Tyler will eventually be told to tone it down (and will). Jennifer Lopez will get more comfortable saying no to the talentless and will turn out to be one of the better judges we've seen. Randy Jackson will bring it, Dawg, as always! And Ryan Seacrest will continue to smile all the way to the bank until the gig is up.

I'll understand if you don't watch until we get down to the final 20 in February. I'll provide my voting sheets before then so we can all follow along like last year.

Jerry Grinstead
President & Director of Social Media
National Marshmallow Roasters Institute

Monday, January 17, 2011

American Idol 2011

Another season of American Idol starts Wednesday, January 19th at 8:00 PM on FOX. Randy Jackson is back with two new judges. Steven Tyler of Aerosmith and Jennifer Lopez will try and get our attention.

Will anybody be the bad guy now that Simon is gone? Rumor has it that none of the judges want to take on Simon's role. How will that turn out? I guess I'll just have to watch the first couple of shows to see the judges' chemistry. I expect you to watch and be ready to comment as well.

What are the odds we'll all want to go to one of the Idol Tour shows next summer? As you know, I went two years ago to see Adam Lambert, of course, and old 'what's his name' who "won" that year. And last year, there wasn't anyone I really wanted to see (maybe fellow Buckeye, Crystal Bowersox) so we decided to stay home. Odds are not good that I'll want to go at this time. I'll say 1 in 10: a 10% chance I'll be going.

So here's the upcoming schedule. Don't miss that first show! You'll regret it!

Channel Date & Time
FOX Wed, Jan 19 8:00 PM
FOX Thu, Jan 20 8:00 PM
FOX Wed, Jan 26 8:00 PM
FOX Thu, Jan 27 8:00 PM