Saturday, December 4, 2010

Find your marbles - 12 Step Program

Step Six

Talk with one stranger or aquaintance each week.
You'll find friends and acquaintances in their yards, on a bench downtown or in the park, seated next to you on a plane, or even in the grocery line. Practice your patience and civility and remember to smile. Civility is becoming a lost social grace. When I was waiting for the tour to begin at the August Schell Brewery in New Ulm Minnesota, I sat with and talked with several elderly ladies and gentlemen who were from that area. I enjoyed asking them about living in Minnesota all their lives and hearing about how much they loved it. I could not imagine living anywhere but California, and they could not imagine living anywhere but Minnesota. We really are all the same ... just different!

Friends and acquaintances
Acquaintances I’ve met on planes are not
Unlike shadows of clouds that pass under me.
There but for a moment; then forgot.
But all the same in their odd familiarity.

Friends at home and friends away are not
Unlike songs I sing to me.
Here for eternity; never forgot.
And all different in their joyful peculiarity.

A poem written on a plane over Kansas
by Jerry Grinstead