Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Flaming Mallows?

Now that Lee DeWyze has been voted American Idol, 2010, we can all get back to the business at hand. For several Northern California National Marshmallow Roasters Institute (NMRI) members, that means rehearsals, voice lessons, and getting ready for our next gig. Yes, I'm talking about the NMRI's house band. One little problem, though. We don't have an official name for the band. We need your help to name the band. Some suggestions from other roasters and our fans include:

Mr. Mallow and the Roasters (MMR)
The Charred Mallows
The Flaming Mallows
The S'mores

So what do you think? Let us know so we can unveil our true band persona at the next gig.

Our practice session last night found us working on our standard cover songs and discussing five new tunes. (Note to self: If Mr. Mallow is going to sing a Queen tune, he's going to have to put down the guitar and focus on the vocals. You try singing like Freddie Mercury. What talent he had!) Everything from Van Morrison, CCR, Rolling Stones, and the Monkees, to Stray Cats, Green Day and classics by Fleetwood Mac, Mellencamp and the Beatles are on the table. Yes, even Tommy and the Two Tones. We'll be stepping it up a notch in the next few weeks with crisp vocals and harmonies, clean guitar licks with the bass and drums keeping us all right on time.

We do have original songs, but not quite ready for roasting. We'll put them on our CD.

Comments? Feel free to forward this blog address to fellow roasters!

Jerry Grinstead
President, National Marshmallow Roasters Institute

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Top 2 - And the winner is ... 25 May 2010

Going into the competition tonight I believed Lee DeWyze was the most improved and deserved to be in the top 2. I still believe that. I also felt that he would nail all three of his songs and be hands-down the better singer/performer tonight. He did a great job, and better than the 8 (who were voted off in previous weeks) could have done.
Crystal Bowersox proved decidedly that she is the better singer, had the better songs and wanted it more than Lee. She nailed all three of her songs. Her voice and style remained true to who she was, is and will be as a singer. When one of her songs comes on the radio, you'll know right away it is Crystal. She is ready, musically and vocally, for a recording contract and tour.
The only thing I wish we had seen tonight, besides Lee stepping it up a notch, was another duet with Lee and Crystal. Maybe tomorrow? They sing well together and I think that should be part of the show tomorrow.
Whoever wins deserves the title of American Idol. I do think that Crystal won the competition. I used the scorecard I developed to rate each singer as they sang each song, and Crystal had one more point than Lee for each song. Crystal's total points: 47 ... Lee's total points: 44
I think Crystal Bowersox should be the next American Idol, but those finicky voters will probably vote for Lee DeWyze. He was the underdog tonight, and Americans like to vote for the underdog, don't they?