Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Casey is out of the competition - 5/19/2010

There really were no surprises tonight. Casey clearly was the one who was destined to go tonight. He'll do great and I look forward to watching how everything turns out for him.

But imagine how the audience, both there and at home, would have reacted had Ryan Seacrest said Casey was the first one to be coming back next week instead of Lee. Leaving Lee and Crystal standing there knowing one would have left tonight. That's what I was hoping for, just to see the audience reaction. I knew it would not happen, but it was nice to imagine.

I do enjoy watching the crowds come out for the hometown visits. That really is a special day for these contestants. I liked when Casey went back to the hospital and when Lee went back to the paint store.

Next week should be worth watching. Will there be a duet? Will Lee zoom past Crystal? I think we've seen Crystal's peak and Lee will only keep getting better. They are pretty even now, but I believe Lee is going to win it. I think he'll be the better Idol. Seems to me the odds favor the guitar-playing, white male singer. A la David Cook and Chris Allen. Do we see a pattern here? Maybe it is more an indication of the idol audience than of the winner's talent.

Good Luck to Crystal and Lee!


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Top 3 Idol Guys & Girl - 5/18/2010 My Results

Tonight was the easiest to judge for who won, who came in second and who goes home tomorrow night.

Casey started the season with the looks, excellent guitar playing, a decent voice and so-so song choices. He was on a plateau high above most of the other contestants and got to the top 3 on that plateau. But he has not risen from that plateau.

Crystal began with the rough looks, decent guitar playing, unique and powerful vocals and excellent song choices. She has always sung her songs to entertain us and show her style. She rose steadily to the top 3 at a comfortable pace, not deviating from her own style regardless of what the judges or voters said. She is where she needs to be to record an album this summer.

Lee started the season down with all the singers who fell by the wayside. But he listened to the criticism, got over his shyness for the most part, quit mumbling, and has zoomed from down in the dregs of contestants to become the idol contestant to beat. His song choices tonight were so much better than the other contestants' choices. I started off the season not liking Lee. But I am impressed now, so much so that I think he will win it all next week.

It's like the stars aligned tonight, and for the best for all three contestants.

Casey can already front a band as the lead singer and lead guitarist. He's ready to move on the recording studio and the tours. He'll be smiling all the way to the bank as the #3 contestant who goes home tomorrow.

Crystal will be the better for not winning it all. She, like Casey, has it made already in the recording studio and on tour. It will be easier for her if she does not have to put up with all the crap Idol throws in the mix for the winner. She'll be happy to let Lee win it all.

Lee will win it all, if tonight is any indication. And he will be the better for it. All the hooplah that goes along with winning will only make him a better artist. He is now believing that people like what he does and how he sings. His confidence will grow and he'll be the perfect American Idol this season.

Bye Bye Casey, tomorrow night, and thanks.

I think next week will be a no-brainer (Lee wins). But it will be fun to watch and listen to. Lee and Crystal have fun entertaining us next week. And if we're lucky, another duet. How about "Leather and Lace"?