Saturday, May 8, 2010

Lady GagGag mad at American Idol

So Lady GagGag is mad because American Idol cut short her performance? Earth to Lady GagGag. The 19 million people who watched the show are mad that American Idol didn't cut the entire crapfest you put on. The black veil was a nice touch. Mourning the loss of talented guests on American Idol.

We've figured out Lady GagGag's whole gig. The more distractions, smoke, visual effects, and writhing half-naked dancers she puts in her act, the less we notice she has no talent. Lady GagGag is like Goldman Sachs. Put up fictitious crap, call it talent or investments, and laugh all the way to the bank with some poor sucker's money.

Is it any wonder American Idol has its lowest ratings since 2002?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Lady GagGag and Harry Connick Jr. help ruin Idol

Thankfully, I recorded the idol results show and can speed through the idiocy of Lady GagGag. That's entertainment? I hope she makes millions of everybody else's money, but she better not rely on me to go see her or download her "hits" from iTunes.

And Harry Connick Jr. is trying to add another title to his name. He is a singer, songwriter, actor, and now he wants to be a comedian. He ain't funny. If I were a contestant and was asked what I thought of our mentor, I would say, "His jokes were not funny, they were mean. We could have done much better with someone else to mentor us, and that's my opinion, and he's a jerk." If they did not like what I said, then vote me off.

I'll tell you what else I'm not going to do. Run out and buy a Ford Fiesta. I can't believe American Idol makes the contestants whores for Ford. And they don't even get paid for making Ford money. Amazing that this show has lasted so long.

I don't care who goes home tonight. I'll find out in just a few minutes when I un-Pause my DVR recording of the show.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Top 5 Idol Guys & Girl - 5/4/2010 My Results

Frank Sinatra songs tonight made our choice easy as to who should go home and who should stay. Casey was like a lost puppy off his leash. He was all over the place and once in awhile he found the right note. Take away his guitar and his comfort zone is completely gone. And Crystal was almost as uncomfortable. She just seems a bit too hardened or wise to the world to get many votes this week. I think she'll come back strong and eventually win it, if they let her sing songs in her own style. No more country. No more crooners. Just let them sing songs of their own choosing and let the chips fall.

#5 - Casey James - Blue Sky
Worst song choice of the night. What was he thinking. His voice was shot. He was all over the place. This is the first week I thought he deserved the bottom slot. I don't think he'll be back after this debacle. Too bad, because I do think he'd do much better with his guitar and own song choices than Aaron.

#4 - Aaron Kelly - Fly me to the moon
It really doesn't matter what genre Aaron sings. Love songs, standards, Classic Rock... They are all too much song for him. Really, he is just not enough man for them. Because he is a boy. And in Euchre, the first rule when taking a trick is 'Never send a boy!' He'll be around for another week, only because of Casey's bad performance. There is a slight chance he could be the one leaving, and I would rather see him go than Casey.

#3 - Crystal Bowersox - Summer Wind
This is the lowest I've ranked Crystal. She needs to get back to her guitar and show us her best. I think she'll do that beginning next week. Tonight, she was in the top three, not the bottom three. Aaron and Casey were in the bottom two by themselves. Out of the others' league tonight. I predict Crystal will come back with a vengeance.

#2 - Mike Lynche - The way you look tonight
Sinatra songs are his forte. He could have chosen almost any one of them and done them justice. He seems comfortable on stage and in this genre. I would call him cliche, but how could he not be when he sings Sinatra.

#1 - Lee DeWyze - That's Life
I'm liking Lee more and more each week. This week, I had to rank him number 1. If he gets his confidence going just a bit more (don't be so polite and nice) he'll give Crystal a run to the final two. He performs better than he talks or stands there. Needs to smile confidently more instead of getting that paint-stirrers look in his eyes as the judges are commenting. Good job Lee.