Thursday, April 29, 2010

Another close call for Casey James - April 29th

Could he be gone next week? That is the question on all marshmallow roasters today. Yes, Casey James was again in the bottom two last night on the Idol results show. Thankfully, they got rid of our special needs contestant and we won't have to listen to the screeching any longer.

It doesn't seem to bother Casey that he may be leaving soon. If I had his talent, it would not bother me either. He just seems to roll with the flow and put up with whatever inane vampire video or Ford commercial they throw his way. Good for him. I would like to see a duet with him and the next American Idol, Crystal Bowersox.

Speaking of duets, Lady Antebellum, singing "Need You Now", was very good. I enjoyed the harmonies of the man and woman. Reminds me of the upcoming duet, "Gone Gone Gone", this Saturday night!

Shakira's "Gypsy" was interesting. I could have done without the duet with Rascal Flatts' LeVox.

Compared to previous guest performances, these were a breath ...

Next week - Sinatra. And, I think they all have to sing two songs, so we may be back to another two hours on Tuesday. Getting down to the end. I think Aaron may be most in trouble. A 17-year old trying to sing Sinatra? Not pretty.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Top 6 Idol Guys & Girls - 4/27/2010 My Results

Tickets go on sale for the Idol Tour the weekend of May 14th. I don't think I'll be standing in line to buy them. I figured out why the judges' comments were all so positive tonight. It's really very simple. They are not trying to save any one contestant ... They are trying to save the show. We viewers know how lacking in talent Aaron and Siobhan are. And Big Mike and Lee are way too cliche. Every song out of them sounds the same. Crystal and Casey sing and entertain the best, but are they as good as last year's final two or the year before?

I can't believe how bad a couple of them were tonight, and the judges loved them. But, I'll bet the ratings are in the toilet after this one. Anyway, here are my ratings of the top 6 from Best to Worst.

#1 - Casey James - Don't
He takes 1st place tonight. He sang well, did not use too much guitar, and sang the song like he meant it. First time I've put him in the number one slot I believe. He, like Crystal has what Aaron has not. Experience in front of an audience, maturity, real life lessons learned.

#2 - Crystal Bowersox - No one needs to know right now
Not my favorite performance by Crystal, but she had to sing country. The judges were the least impressed with her performance, but she did, as usual, own the stage. The band could have been her own band. She looks so comfortable up there and in control. She'll do even worse on Disco night. (There isn't really a disco night, is there??? Songs of the BeeGees?? I HOPE NOT!)

#3 - Lee DeWyze - Still the one
Lee sang the only Shania song tonight that I recognized. You can tell I'm into country music! But, his voice is good and predictable. Predictable to the point of boring. Lee needs to go a little more sullen and darker, and maybe go grunge, because he sure as heck isn't going to wow a crowd. He is like a cross between Danny Gokey and old what's-his-name who won idol last year. A boring balladeer. He's still better than the rest below.

#4 - Michael Lynche - It only hurts
How sappy can a guy be. Predictable to the point of cliche. I don't like his fake entertainment. He is only #4 because #5 & 6 are taken below. I don't think there is any song or genre he could sing that wouldn't be sappy sweet and patronizing to all the viewers. But, it seems to be working.

#5 - Aaron Kelly - You got a way
Is it just me, or is his voice not really as strong as the judges think? He'd be great at the high school spring concert, but Really!? Does anyone take him serious? He always is boring, tries too hard, chooses songs way over his ability, and just does not pull off the look of a singer to me. The judges are really trying their best to save him, but he may be going away tomorrow night.

#6 - Siobhan Magnus - Any man of mine
Over the top on the running around the stage. Over the top on the last notes (Give us a break). I really can't stand her. Randy approached telling her the truth when he said she started out pitchy. Terribly flat is more like it. She was struggling to find the notes, but not quite getting there. She and Aaron are really not Idol-worthy. She is one who would benefit from some serious singing lessons. She does have a good voice 20% of the time. But the tats and nose ring are a turn-off.

I predict this is the last season of American Idol. If Aaron or Siobhan win this year, then nothing will save the show. If Crystal and Casey are the last two standing (as they should be), I may give the show one more year.

Ellen couldn't use her choo choo Twain puns enough tonight, and she provides no real value. Kara won't shut up, even when Simon is giving his opinion. Randy just ignores the other judges, dog, and tries to keep all the contestants real at this point.

Bye bye Aaron, I think.