Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Close call for Casey on Idol tonight

Thanks Jake and T for the comments. I think you both should be idol judges.

(Note to T ... I've been practicing Gone, Gone, Gone and am ready to harmonize with you at the party.)

- - - - - - - AH.. - - - AH..
- - - - - by - - - AH.. - - - AH..
- - - Ba - - - - - - - - - - - - - - AH.
- OH

I predict Casey James will come back with a roar next week. No more Mr. Nice Guy. It's time to show them how to do it. He's been slacking off because he can, and now it's almost caught up to him.

I think Aaron or Siobhan should have been the ones to go instead of Tim. Tim learned from his mistakes, but it was not enough to save him. He's one of the happiest losers I've ever seen. He knows he has a future singing and playing, and a gig all summer long with the Idol Tour. (They make more than $150,000 each for the tour, plus all the exposure and a record deal if they want it.) He'll do fine.

As for the show, thankfully, I can pause and come back after a while, and speed through most of it. I did not like M J Blige's Stairway to Heaven. I liked Elton's "Your Song", but dang he is looking old.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Top 7 Idol Guys & Girls - 4/20/2010 My Results

It's like watching two different shows in one. Crystal Bowersox comes out and entertains us at the end of the show. The other six contestants are competing for runner up. Crystal may not be the best ever on the show, but there's no one there tonight who performs like her.

So here're my rankings and ratings beginning with the best and going down to the worst.

#1 - Crystal Bowersox - 15 points - People get ready
No guitar tonight. She began the song acapella and could have sung the song all the way through without any instruments backing her up. Perfectly on key. But that would have blown the judges away even more. She sang that song like it really meant something to her. But that's how she sings every song. They better have her go last every week so people will stick around to watch the whole show.

#2 - Lee DeWyze - 13 points - The Boxer
Lee is putting a bit more emotion into his songs and he has a decent, if not original, voice. He beat out Casey slightly this week, but we'll see if he can keep up the good work. I think Casey has the better musical work ethic. I don't think Lee will be able to maintain. We'll see. But a good performance this week.

#3 - Casey James - 12 points - Don't Stop
Casey is comfortable. Casey is talented. Casey is good enough to win idol runner up this year. He is not as pure of an entertainer as Crystal, but is mature enough and confident enough to beat the other 5. I like Casey and I think he knows he's hit the jackpot this year. Can we blame him if he plays it safe? But too safe, and Lee will win runner up this year.

#4 - Michael Lynche - 11 points - Hero
I'd really like to see Michael Lynche sing a song that is not so sappy sweet and cliche one of these weeks. But, I don't think he really has the voice or stage-presence to pull off anything but his patronizing love song drivel. Points-wise, Michael is #4, but if he goes on Wednesday night, nobody will care. Ditto that for the rest of them below.

#5 - Tim Urban - 10 points - Better Days
Every time Tim smiles, he reminds me of a used car salesman, or of a second-grader who was just told to "say Cheese" for his class picture. If he was not such a Mr. Clean, he might pull off one of these songs. His song choice is pretty good for his age and style, unlike Siobhan's and Aaron's choices. I'll blast them in a minute below. Tim may just stick around another week, but only because Aaron and Siobhan are still here.

#6 - Aaron Kelly - 9 points - I believe I can fly
I'd like to see Aaron's CD collection or iTunes library. Is there any contemporary song in there? He picks the biggest songs that he can't hope to sing. His voice is getting weaker, or maybe it just seems that way when he attempts to belt out one the classics he chooses. He reminds me of an eighty-year-old man in a seventeen-year-old's body. Disheveled and unkempt. If he'd pull his jeans up over his belly button, he'd be my Grandpa Bob! I'll bet he sat alone in the lunch room in high school last year at the nerd table. He just does not get it. He's not the soloist in the High School spring concert, but that's where his mind and talent are. And he never will get it. Bye bye maybe.

#7 - Siobhan Magnus - 8 points - When you believe
I'm sure she hit some of those notes on key tonight, but I didn't hear it. Just flat and pitchy all the way through. The only thing I could think about was the salad she was wearing on her dress. I was getting hungry. I think she hopes her outfits will distract us from her singing. If we're lucky, they do distract us. She took on a lot more song than she could handle (and she can't handle much). The worst part, though, has to be when they let her talk about her song choice. I just want to slap her when she talks. "SPIT IT OUT!" I guess I shouldn't criticize the special needs contestant too much. If we're lucky, she'll be gone tomorrow. If not, we'll still be lucky because Aaron, or Tim, or Michael will be gone.