Saturday, April 17, 2010

Idol contestants - Puppets on strings?

So Crystal Bowersox almost quit idol? I had a feeling that might be the case. Look at all the things they make the contestants do. The worst thing has to be making the ford commercial that I fast-forward through each week. And then having to come out and sing that group song like they're in some type of high school swing choir. Lastly, pretending to be happy for the others or sad when they have to leave.

You can see it in their eyes each week. They're all trying to remember to look happy, trying to remember to say the right things, trying to remember the words to their songs, and wondering if it's all worth it. Crystal, one of the few real entertainers up there, knows she doesn't really have to jump through all the hoops and dance on the strings for the producers. I will be surprised if she sticks around. But if she does, she'll likely be the next American Idol.

Tim with his cheesy, fake smile. Big Mike with his condescending, patronization of the audience. Lee with his deer-in-the-headlights, nothing going on up there, expressions, and my least favorite, one-too-many-tats, special needs Siobhan. They all are putting on an act that we all see through. Don't get me started on Aaron. Did he comb his hair with a pillow last week and does he shop for clothes at Goodwill?

Casey has the stage presence and maturity to handle all the BS they throw his way. He also has the talent to make it big as the 1st runner up or even Idol if Crystal decides to chuck it all, move back home and raise her kid in small town Ohio. (Which isn't too bad of a place to be raised, speaking from experience.)

Bottom line prediction: Crystal will suck it up, stick it out, and win. Ryan Seacrest will tone down his stupid antics and off-color comments, Ellen and Kara will love everybody, Simon will keep it real with the easiest job in the whole world, and nobody will be watching next year.

It was good while it lasted.


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Top 9 Idol Guys & Girls - 4/13/2010 My Results

Elvis Night! This will be short and sweet since we're evaluating the same old nine contestants. But it will be easy after last night's performances. A couple stood out as being ready to leave, a few stood out as ready to move into the top 4, and most have improved.

I think the reason there was improvement this week was Adam Lambert. His critique and suggestions were right on and made the performances much better than they would have been.

Here goes from Best to Worst, based on my rating sheet.

#1 Crystal Bowersox - Saved
Crystal never disappoints us. I figured out what it is about her that sets her apart from all the others. The other contestants are up there competing to win the American Idol, 2010. Crystal is up there entertaining us. She is not competing. And because of that, she will win this competition.

#2 Tim Urban - I can't help falling in love with you
Tim scored this week. He vastly improved is act. Most of it is an act, but when he calms down, sings a serious song and shows us he can play the guitar, he is rewarded with a high rating. Good job Time - finally!

#3 Lee DeWyze - A little less conversation
A great song choice for his voice. I think he should have gone electric with this song. That would have improved the performance just a bit, but he sang it well and seemed to connect more with the audience.

#4 Casey James - Lawdy Miss Clawdy
I had not heard this song, but it was perfect for his voice and style. I expect Casey will move back to #2 in the competition because of his consistency, while Lee and Tim will likely not be able to sustain what they showed us last night.

#5 Katie Stevens - Baby what do you want me to do?
Katie sang the song much better than songs in the past. Not too pitchy and she looked much more comfortable up there. She is maturing too. No more prom dresses. A fairly good performance

#6 Aaron Kelly - Blue suede shoes
As usual, too much song for this kid. He is trying to be more that he can be. He is and example of someone who needs just a few more years to be taken seriously. He'll be leaving us soon. And, he and the next 3 are in trouble tonight.

#7 Michael Lynche - In the ghetto
How many times can you say cliche? He was boring, patronizing to the audience as usual, annoying, and not singing as well as in the past. He was almost let go last week, and may be gone again. Luckily, for him, Siobhan and Andrew ruined their chances more.

#8 Siobhan Magnus - Suspicious minds
How to put an audience to sleep in less than 3 minutes. The only thing she does worse than sing is talk. She must be from that part of the country that talks slower than the rest of us here on earth. As I said in a previous post, Ellen called her special. I call her special needs.

#9 Andrew Garcia - Houndog
Where did they get this guy. Amazing that he ever got into this competition. His new book is out "How to ruin a song - for dummies". That was worse than bad. No advice for Andrew other than Don't quit your day job.

Bye-bye Andrew and Siobhan. That's my prediction. If Michael or Aaron go instead, I can't complain.

Yours in idolatry