Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Top 9 Idol Guys & Girls - 4/6/2010 My Results

Some did better than expected last night. Some did worse. A couple remain the same on top. Here's the way I ranked and rated them, from worst to best, with some observations, of course.

#9 (7 points) - Andrew Garcia
Can't buy me love. It was a bit too corny and poppy as sung by Andrew. I'm liking his voice less and less each week. Maybe it's the song choice, but with his edgy look, his songs need a bit more edginess. As it is, all we get is pudginess. I don't get the sense that we are seeing the real Andrew Garcia (And maybe we don't want to.)
#8 (8 points) - Aaron Kelly
Long and winding road. Didn't you just love the shot of him singing as seen through the arms waving? He does not know what he is doing. That was way to much song for his age. His voice seemed not as strong this week. It was like watching a high school musical. I think people will be surprised to see him in the bottom three this week.
#7 (9 points) - Siobhan Magnus
Across the Universe - She may have just saved herself from going home by not screeching a high note. She sang fairly well but it was BORING. Her dress and outfit reminded me of the girls in beer halls in Munich at the Oktoberfest (what I can actually remember of them). All she needed was arms full of beer mugs or pretzels. And I loved the 1960's hairdo. She really needs to lose the safety glasses, the nose ring, and speak a little faster. Ellen said she was special. I say special needs.
#6 (10 points) - Tim Urban
All my loving. Much improved because he got back behind the guitar, did a fun, young song, and looked like a young Beatle. I would like to have seen him wear a black suit with tight pants, white shirt and thin black tie whilst singing that song. He may be gone soon, but not this week.
#5 (11 points) - Michael Lynche
Eleanor Rigby. Not his best effort. Wrong song choice. I really don't see the appeal for this guy. He's just lucky to have those in the list above in this competition. I could not believe how long the judges talked after his performance. They finally shut up and went to commercial break. Michael's performance was forgettable.
#4 (13 points) - Lee DeWyze
Hey Jude. He could have slept his way through this song. Who has not covered this song. He did not challenge himself, knowing full well he won't be leaving soon. The bagpipes almost knocked him down to #5 or #6. That was an unnecessary distraction and was an insult to the song. I like his voice, but not his bland personality. If he'd ever quit fretting over his performance, he might move to #2 some week.
#3 (14 points) - Katie Stevens
Let it be. Katie was the surprise of the night. I thought for sure she'd be in the bottom three again, based on her past performance. But she ditched the prom dress, stood at the mike and performed a heartfelt rendition of the song. Still a little pitchy, but not enough to hurt her. I, as did Simon, heard a little country twang in there. It suits her. Good job this week. I'll be surprised if she is in the bottom 3.
#2 (16 points) - Crystal Bowersox
Come together. I like her voice. I like her guitar playing. And I like her performance in front of an audience. She's still the most comfortable out there. The didgeridoo was a bit distracting, but not as much as the clown playing the bagpipes. And I think her cold affected her singing a little bit. Hence, I knocked her down to #2 for the night. I still expect her to win with her consistency. How about a duet with Casey James?
#1 (18 points) - Casey James
Jealous Guy. He sang this song better than John. I liked it, but I liked his acoustic guitar playing better. Do you know how hard it is to play a guitar (well) and sing? He did it all well last night. I'd listen to that song by him on my Ipod. First time at number one. I think he and Crystal are so far ahead of the others that they will be the final two at the end of the season.

Results show is up in a couple hours. Let's see if I called it correctly.

Roast in peace
Jerry Grinstead