Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Top 10 Idol Guys & Girls - 3/30/2010 My Results

Tuesday night's top 10 started of a little bit rough, but it did get better as the competition wore on. I'm of the opinion that the producers know who has talent and who doesn't. That's not surprising, nor is it rocket science. The judges are being kind to the ones who can't sing and the producers put the best last to keep us all from going to bed.

Here we go from worst to best this time, with comments along the way.

#10 - Siobhan Magnus - 8 points
Simon said it best when he said he was getting bored of the high note. We at home all know it's coming and it really does distract from her performance. However, her singing is so bad that any distractions are a blessing when she is on stage. She is eliminated tonight (we can only hope)
#9 - Tim Urban - 9 points
I really think he is clueless. Maybe he's just led a sheltered life and doesn't know that corny sucks. He's having fun at our expense. If Siobhan does not leave tonight, our only consolation is that Tim will be gone. Seeing how many times he has been in the bottom two this year, that may be likely. I really give him and Siobhan equal chances at leaving.
#8 - Didi Benami - 10 points
Makes my toes curl every time she opens her mouth, whether to talk or sing. If I could, I would eliminate her tonight, but the bottom two in this list are more likely. Didi did not talk as much last night as in past episodes. Someone talked to her about her loud voice. Reminds me of Jacob Silj, played by Will Farrell on Saturday Night Live, a man who suffers from "Voice Immodulation Syndrome". He can't control the loudness of his voice.
#7 - Katie Stevens- 11 points
Big voice but she sings way over her head and ability. Chain of Fools? Right. 17 and she chooses that. She has yet to sing a song that shows us she knows what it means to be young and talented. 17 year-olds should not be permitted to try out.
#6 - Aaron Kelly - 12 points
He's in a tie with Katie for the biggest voice from a high school student. He sings to seriously. He and Katie need to have a little fun with a contemporary performance. Everything I said about Katie above applies to Aaron.
#5 - Andrew Garcia - 13 points
I like his voice and song choice. I just don't like his presentation and he is low on the likeability scale. With the tat on the neck, he is someone most people would cross the street to avoid. Do you think he regrets that tat?
#4 - Lee DeWyze - 14 points
Finally, we're getting to the possible American Idols this season. Good song choice, good voice, decent presentation and likeability. He did improve this week, and may be a sleeper like the winner last year, old what's his name. Not Adam Lambert ... the other guy.
#3 - Michael Lynche - 15 points
Gotta give him my #3 position. He sang well and chose a perfect song (if not just a might bit cliche, as usual). I don't think he'll be the idol, but people like his sappy, sweet, shtick and song choices. Point to the sky and remember to say hi to mama and baby back home.
#2 - Casey James - 16 points
I think he is the most talented musician, as I've said before. He needs to work a bit on his presentation (quit smiling all the time through the song). But his song choice, singing and likeability just may carry him to the American Idol.
#1 - Crystal Bowersox - 17 points
I may be biased, but I think she is maybe the only one I'd like to see perform in person. She knows her strong points and sticks to them for the most part. Last night at the piano and gussied-up and all, distracted from her performance, but she exudes confidence in her voice and song choice. If the fickle voters (some of whom actually vote for the bottom 4) would vote honestly, I think she's win in a landslide. Maybe she'll sing Landslide for us this season.