Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Top 11 Idol Guys & Girls - 3/23/2010 My Results

Well, they did it again. They amazed us with their singing abilities (or lack thereof). How many did you see who picked a song so far above their singing ability? I knew before several of them sang that it was not going to be pretty. Examples: Tim Urban singing Queen. Freddie Mercury is turning in his grave. You have to be insane to sing a Queen song, unless you are Adam Lambert. Aaron Kelly singing Aerosmith. Embarrassing to watch a 17 year-old try to sing a Steven Tyler song. He is in way over his head. Siobhan and Paige sang too much song (if you can call what Paige was doing singing). The judges let her have it, deservedly. Randy was being kind when he said it was terrible and Ellen said something positive to Paige, "Well, you didn't fall down!" ROFLMAO!

OK, on to the karaoke and Cliche performances. Andrew Garcia was karaoke. He has to bring something edgy to his next performance or he'll leave soon. Thankfully there are others who suck more than he did. If you look up Cliche in the online dictionary, you'll find a video of Michael Lynche singing 'When a man loves a woman'. He is so sappy sweet and boring. They only thing that will save him is he does sing fairly well. Cliche performance and patronizing to the audience.

Katie is too young, Didi's voice sounds like chalk screeching on a blackboard (and it is worse when she talks - makes me cringe).

Lee DeWyze is just ... boring. Sings OK. Looks OK. Will stick around. There's a name for snowboarders who wear their sock hats all the time. 'Sock heads'. He is a sock head and should lose the hat. At least he hasn't sung with it on.

Now for the top two (as usual). Casey James, I agree is the best musician, with Crystal the 2nd best musician. Casey, though, said he was going to use more of the stage, but then hid behind his guitar and microphone singing a totally safe song. He is my choice for #2 last night, but only because 9 others sucked, were boring, sang too much song, or were too cliche. Casey may win this whole thing, if, as I suspect, Crystal walks out on the show to get her recording career started. Why be a puppet for 8 to 10 more weeks and have to travel with this lot all summer, when she can leave and be successful now? I might be wrong, but I don't see her enjoying herself up there. The judges said maybe it's because she's shy. No. I think she's embarrassed.

Here are my top 11 rated and ranked from best to worst this time.

#1 Crystal Bowersox (aka Janice) - 17 points
#2 Casey James - 15 points
#3 Katie Stevens - 14 points
#4 Michael Lynche - 13 points
#5 Siobhan Magnus - 12 points
#6 Lee DeWyze - 11 points
#7 Aaron Kelly - 10 points
#8 Andrew Garcia - 9 points
#9 Didi Benami - 9 points
#10 Tim Urban - 8 points
#11 Paige Miles - 6 points

Bye Bye Paige