Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Top 12 Idol Guys & Girls - 3/16/2010 My Results

Ouch! Tim Urban ruined that Stones song by singing it Reggae. And when 17 year old Katie Stevens came out wearing her 8th grade prom dress to sing a Jagger song, I knew we were in for a long night. We can only hope that Siobhan is gone tonight so that we will not have to hear her screech/scream again. Give us a break! I still do not understand the judges' conflicting comments. They said Casey James needs to do more than just sing well, look good, play a great guitar ... he needs to use the stage. Then the other guitar players (Lee, Andrew, Tim, Crystal) stand at the microphone, just like Casey, playing (not as well) and singing their songs. I guess that was the only thing they could think to criticize Casey on. I do think Crystal will win if she acts a little more like she cares to be there. Maybe she doesn't really care to play all the stupid games they have to play. She knows she could leave and get a recording contract tomorrow. Anyway, here are my ratings and rankings from best to worst:

#1 Crystal Bowersox 16 points
#2 Casey James 15 points
#3 Michael Lynche 13 points
#4 Aaron Kelly 12 points
#5 Tim Urban 12 points
#6 Lee DeWyze 11 points
#7 Andrew Garcia 10 points
#8 Katie Stevens 10 points
#9 Siobhan Magnus 9 points
#10 Lacey Brown 8 points
#11 Didi Benami 8 points
#12 Paige Miles 6 points

I really don't care who leaves from #3 to #12. I don't think their appeal or talent compares to Casey's and Crystal's, who probably don't really care if they were to leave. They've got the exposure and can capitalize on it now if given the chance by being voted off. That's the conundrum. Too good to leave, but better off not having to waste time singing and dancing for Idol. My prediction to leave: Didi and Tim.