Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Top 8 Idol Guys - 3/10/2010 My Results

The worst part of the show tonight was watching the judges' antics. Ellen and Kara need to back off their meds just a tad. Kara was molesting Simon most of the night and ended up blubbering over Michael's song. Ellen Booed Randy louder than the audience at one point and ran on stage to hug Tim. Somebody restrain her! Idiots

Here are my ratings and rankings for the guys' performances tonight. (I was not as impressed with some as much as the judges) Best to worst:

Michael Lynche - 16
Casey James - 16
Andrew Garcia - 15
Lee DeWyze - 14
Alex Lambert - 14
Toddrick Hall - 13
Tim Urban - 12
Aaron Kelly - 11

The top 5 there could fight it out for the number one guy depending on their song choices in the next month. Toddrick and Tim just do not have enough of everything to move forward (singing ability, song choices, presentation, likeability). Aaron has the same problem as Katie Stevens has with the girls. They are too too young and sing songs way over their maturity level. It does not work. I'll say it again. They should not let anyone under 18 into the Idol competition. I agreed with Kara in that Aaron can't relate to the song he sang. He's not old enough. Simon disagreed just to disagree.

Bye bye Tim and Aaron. (Though the teeny bopper crowd may save Aaron, and Toddrick could be leaving us tomorrow night.)

Yours in idolatry,


Top 8 Idol Girls - 3/9/2010 My Results

It happened again. We had to slog through several amateurs before we got to the professional. Can you believe how much better Crystal Bowersox is than all the other girls AND guys combined? At any rate ... here are my ratings and rankings using the ranking sheet available at the National Marshmallow Roasters Institute. Best to worst:

Crystal Bowersox - 17
Siobhan Magnus - 13
Katie Stevens - 11
Didi Benami - 11
Lacey Brown - 11
Katelyn Epperly - 10
Lilly Scott - 8
Paige Miles - 7

After the judges fawned over Crystal and raved about her on and on, Lilly Scott had to go on. The judges said basically, "good job", "yea, ditto", "I like you", "me too". I guess they were running out of time and had to end the show so Lilly got the short end of the stick. (What is the short end of a stick?) Anyway, I digress ... Is anyone as impressed with Lilly as much as the judges seem to be? One of my least favorites. Her voice is not that good. Her hair at least covers up some of her face. I just don't see what it is they think she has.


Bye bye Lilly and Paige.

Yours in idolatry,