Thursday, February 25, 2010

Idol Eliminations - 2/25/2010

The hardest part about ranking the contestants the last couple nights was not who were the best singers, but rather, who were the worst. So many to eliminate and so few to say goodbye to!

We could have put all the names in a hat and picked two girls and two guys to eliminate, and there would not have been any uproar. I believe this season may be the weakest yet. But, then again, we say that every year when the top 24 are on. Maybe we'll be surprised. The kid who was saved tonight (Alex) impressed me with his voice. I predict he is going to suck it up, act like he knows what he's doing, and surprise us. I do like his voice. If he just has a little bit of the attitude that Tyler had, he could be the next idol. Tyler was stuck in the 70's ... and I even remember a couple of those years through a smokey, hazy fog. Class of '75 rocks! Joe sang pretty well, but I could barely understand his words. Maybe he should have mixed in a little spanish language song. There's certainly a large hispanic population out there watching and voting.

The girls are harder to choose to eliminate than the guys. My bottom two were saved. But not for long, I predict. Janelle and Ashley had the looks, so in that regard, I'm sorry to see them go so soon.

I believe we are going to see another male American Idol this year. And here is one of my predictions for the top 5. Yes, your's too I suppose. Casey James. He sings too good and plays the guitar too good. He'll get a lot of votes for his looks, too.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I've put my charts of my rankings on my web site at: The National Marshmallow Roasters Institute's Idol page.

When they panned the camera down between the two rows of 12 guys and 12 girls, I thought, Wow ... are we in for a long season. Don't reserve your tickets to the Idol tour yet. It is hoped that we'll be able to get down to a semblance of talented top 10. Eliminating the bad ones won't be the problem. Finding the good ones will. I have a feeling that we'll see three or four who can sing (much like last year).

I've watched all the girls, and see 3 or 4 so far who stand out. I am using my scoring chart and finished up watching all of them on Wednesday. (I have the show recorded). Tonight I'll use my guys scoring chart to find the bottom two guys. You do the same, and we'll compare notes here.

My only question is, "Please ... Can we eliminate more than just two girls and guys this week?!?" NO. They will drag this out for three weeks. Ouch!