Thursday, February 11, 2010

Idol Review - 2/10/2010

Nancy was right when I told her I did not watch the group sing-off last night. I recorded it to watch today. She said I had not missed anything. It's just not the real thing until they get down to the top 24 and head into the top 10.

My advice to all of you for next week's Idol shows? Skip them and watch the Olympics. And we have a top notch curling team this year! And wouldn't you rather watch ice melt, than watch Simon pretend to be disinterested while he makes $40 Million?

I still have not seen a singer who rocks my world and rolls like a steamroller. I expect they have not put the best singers on TV yet. Why waste them on us now when they can shine in the top 10? And there are plenty of sob stories to tell and plenty of drama queens to exploit.

Will Lindsey Vonn ski or will her injury keep her out? I think it's all a ploy to mess with the heads of all the other skiers. And the network loves controversy and overcoming hardship. If there's no hardship or sob story, then make one up, I say!


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Idol Review - 2/9/2010

I hope you enjoyed the first and second days in Hollywood. Let the Ellen-fest begin! It's the count-down to the top 12 girls and top 12 guys. It really does start to get better now. Not good ... just better than the gawdawful past few weeks. Sorry. I just could not stomach those shows. At least tonight, they spared us the really bad auditions.

Did you see Ellen's sexy carpenter boots? I have to get Sue a pair of those! I must say, as much as I don't care for Ellen, she did not annoy me too much. Maybe because she was not being comedic (if that's what you call her act). I think she'll get a little more relaxed in her role as the season goes on and she may be a good addition after all.

What especially makes watching this bearable is watching it a half hour after it has started recording on the DVR, so I can speed through the commercials. This is the first show this season I have not had to speed through the performances, or run screaming from the room yelling, "I'll never watch this $@^#&!# show again!" Yes, you know the feeling.

I was impressed with several of the performances. Mostly the ones who played guitar and sang. A couple did it very well and if they make it through the group competition tomorrow, they may get to the top 24. I have not seen this year's American Idol yet. Have you? Did you see talent that will make it to the top 10 and to the tour? Too early to say just yet, maybe.

I think they just may be setting us up for a great fall (Humpty-Dumpty-style) tomorrow night. They spared us the drama queens and the worst of the lot tonight. But, do you remember the group in-fighting and backstabbing last year? We may be cringing at the drama and hype tomorrow night. Just keep repeating, "It will get better. It will get better."

If you watched, give us your comments! And if you didn't watch, Get with the Program! We have a date to watch the top 10 on tour next summer!

Yours in idolatry,
Mr. Mallow

Sunday, February 7, 2010

There's a sucker ...

P.T. Barnum said, "There's a sucker born every minute." And Tiger Woods is proving this statement to be true once again. RadarOnline claims "the couple (Tiger and Elin) is planning on spending some time alone as they attempt to repair their marriage." Quality time, no doubt.

Who is the sucker here? Elin 'Stand-by-your-man' Woods? Tiger's sponsors? Sports fans? Maybe all of the above? Who will be the first to say that Tiger is so full of S--t that his eyes are brown? Ok. I will do the honor. And I'll say Elin doesn't give a rat's hairy ass about repairing their marriage. It's all about being Mrs. Tiger Woods and the jingle-jangle and bingle-bangle that goes along with that job.

The only ones who win are Tiger's new girlfriends. They all will enjoy the golfer's attention. They and Tiger's entourage will just be paid much more to keep quiet so his sponsors and the other suckers out here will believe anything that this fine, upstanding American Icon tells them.

Tiger learned well at the P.T. Barnum School of Marketing.